Educational Institute Automation and management Software

Educational Institute Automation and management Software

Some of advantages to be gained by Institutions, which decide to implement the Institute Management Software solution, include the following:

Improved customer service through greater access to accurate information.

Increased productivity and job satisfaction among staff members as it eliminate duplication of effort.

More economical and safer means of storing and keeping track of information.

Easier access to Information like management reports and reminder letters, etc, as well as more accurate and faster results from statistical analyses.

Reduces errors and eliminating the ennui of long and repetitive manual processing.

Greater accountability and transparency in operations.

Improved efficiency and effectiveness in administration and management as it has unprecedented access to real-time information.

More reliable security for sensitive and confidential information.

Appropriate knowledgbased action and intervention can now take place in a timelier manner.

IMS Modules

Kiosk Module

Online Examination Module

Enquiry / Enrollment Module

Payment Module

Faculty Module

Facility Module

Course Module

Timetable Module

Attendance Module

Examination Module

Library Module

Inventory Module

Hostel Module

Administration module

Reporting Module

Customer Relationship Module

Placement Management

Communication Management

Content Management


Notice Board and Polls

Permission Email Marketing System

Mess/Canteen Management

News and Event Management

SMS Module


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