Uni Level Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) System

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Our MLM software is designed to work on web, using web-browser, without any installation on client side. With other words, you (and your members) does not need any special software except one you already have – your Web browser(Firefox/Google Chrome/Safari/Internet Explorer/Opera).
It can be used on Windows, Linux, Macintosh and all other devices and OS-es like iPad/IOS- Google/Android etc.

Binary MLM Plan is the simplest and one of the most successful MLM plans  in the MLM industry.  As the name binary indicates, Binary plan is specified on number 2. Every member is restricted to add more than two members in the first level or business center of the binary plan, But, there is no limitation on the depth of the network that a distributor can develop. 

  • Binary MLM Software is not all that easy to develop as this software is based on downline payment system where one person joined someone else under his chain and this is how a chain goes on and the person on the upper chain gets there commissions every time someone join under them, It’s sounds pretty easy to develop but when it comes to calculation it’s not all that easy and most of the MLM Software companies fail to do so and after sometime you software start sending you a fake results of commissions or any other issue get occur.

    • 1. Unlimited user management
    • 2. Unlimited memberships
    • 3. Digital products manager
    • 4. Complete member management
    • 5. Responsive members backoffice
    • 6. Responsive admin panel
    • 7. Dashboard statistics
    • 8. Automated payment processing
    • 9. Transactions/Financial manager
    • 10. Payza, Okpay, Perfect Money and Solid Trust Pay available
    • 11. Private messaging system
    • 12. Mass message direct referred members
    • 13. Banners plugin included with Ad credit currency
    • 14. Banner approval system
    • 15. Banner statistics for advertisers
    • 16. Pay it forward system, enroller can pay referrer membership
    • 17. Deposit Wallet and Payout Wallet
    • 18. Withdrawal to payment processor
    • 19. Mass mailing to specific memberships
    • 20. Frequently Asked Questions manager
    • 21. News / Announcement manager
    • 22. Promotional tools for members
    • 23. Downline/Genealogy navigation available
    • 24. Automated email system including email template editor
    • 25. Cache system and Mssql database optimization tool
    • 25. Direct Referral Commissions
    • 26. Binary MLM Software written as MLM script
Advanced Features:
  • News, Events and Testimonials
  • User-friendly payout calculation
  • Send/cancel withdrawal request
  • Through the my profile tab user can understand entire details
  • Unlimited Products
  • E-pin generation


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