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Spendvision, the global provider of total transaction management solutions, is a wholly owned subsidiary of OGSS.

Expense management is the delivery of systems and support services to enable businesses to streamline the processes by which they control and administer staff business expenses.

Workday Expenses allows workers to easily enter their expenses. The results are lower costs, more accurate accounting, and more timely reimbursements. And you can capture or approve expense reports on any web-enabled device.

Ensure rapid adoption across your global workforce with a consumer-like experience for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Use intuitive mobile capabilities to capture expenses and receipt images on the go
Reduce administrative burden by leveraging workers, roles, organizations, and security policies already set up in OGSS APs. Gain real-time visibility into employee spend with multi-dimensional reporting and analytics, Automate your unique expense-management business processes while ensuring proper spend controls.

Use your online account to manage your expenses, advances, mileage and time tracking. SMEs can set up branches and groups to improve companies’ expense policy.